We proudly service more than 14 manufacturers for ice cream, gelato dessert, espresso machines, and restaurant equipment. We strive to accommodate our customers needs by providing high quality equipment and products at competitive prices.

We are in the business of building relationships with the people we serve. Restaurant Sales Repair, LLC is locally owned and operated in Idaho. We sell nationwide and we take pride in supporting our local communities.

If you’re shopping for equipment or supplies, please email or call us directly. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Terms & Conditions

Accounts not paid within terms are subject to finance charges of 1.5% per month (18% per Year) or $15.00 minimum.

Customers will be liable for additional collection fees, legal costs, and attorney fees deemed necessary to secure payment of any overdue balances.

Restocking fees of up to 25% will apply for cancellations made via text messages, e-mails, phone, or letters.